About Us

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‘Your Health is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make as it Determines Your “Quality of Life”’! – Exofit Training Systems

Exofit Training Systems was established in Perth, Western Australia, in 2011 with a primary focus on preventive health focusing on reducing the risk of injuries & illness from occurring. We are a company that has formed to deliver health & fitness including a great lifestyle to all. We offer & design specialist programs uniquely suited to your personal requirements.
Chronic Disease Management and Rehabilitation, with or without a GP referral (including WorkCover WA), is a large focus of ours. You may be eligible for a Medicare or private health fund rebate, depending on your level of cover and we accept DVA D904 referrals.
We also work in the corporate sector with an aim to reduce sick leave and workers compensation claims. Therefore, educating the employee/rs about the human body, biomechanics, ergonomics, and structure etc. within the workers’ everyday productivity/tasks and increase their performance is high priority.
Remember: Re-View, Re-Adjust, Re-Commit – The Exofit Way!
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