Why are we now Skyping our consultations?

Do you find yourself wanting to make an appointment but then realise the time you need for travel to/from the consultation plus the consultation itself means it just doesn’t work for you, your boss or family life? You might live too far away for a consultation or you may not be able to travel due…

Travel & Exercise – how can we do both successfully?

Our exercise, health and fitness shouldn’t suffer because we are traveling. There are many ways in which we can incorporate all of the above into the equation. However, there are a few steps to go through and we need to ask a few questions before we can make a plan. Firstly, in our planning process…

Update on Website

Welcome to our new looking website everyone! We will be a working progress for a while, so we ask for your understanding during the construction. In our planning, we are endeavouring to have a members log in area where you can access health and fitness materials, newsletters etc. as well as build an online store….

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