Travel & Exercise – how can we do both successfully?

Our exercise, health and fitness shouldn’t suffer because we are traveling. There are many ways in which we can incorporate all of the above into the equation. However, there are a few steps to go through and we need to ask a few questions before we can make a plan.

Firstly, in our planning process we need to ask some questions such as: where are we going and how long for? Where are we going to be staying? What facilities are around the area? What is the purpose for this travel – work, holiday or both? This can help us work out how we can incorporate exercise into your plans.

If we are in a limited scenario, such as traveling for work and staying in a hotel with no gym or pool, what on earth do we do? Well we need to think outside the square of course! Ensure you have packed your comfortable workout clothes and runners to start with. How about you take a theroband or resistance tubing with you. These take up minimal luggage space and weight – can even go in your hand luggage – as well as being an extremely useful workout tool. You can set up a circuit in your hotel room that includes, for example:
• squats,
• push-ups,
• bent-over row, abs2
• chest press,
• step ups (if there is a chair or sturdy table available), push-ups.jpg
• single arm row,
• seated row,
• tricep extension,
• bicep curls,
• sit-ups – various types
• plank
• side plank
• bridge

If your hotel has some stairs, make sure you use them rather than the lift! You can always do some stair repeats, then head up to complete your circuit.

Rather workout in the great outdoors? Then head out for a nice walk / jog before or after breakfast or even dinner. You might come across a nice park or beach area that will allow you to add in some of the exercises above.

Remember, just because you’re away from your normal surrounding doesn’t mean you need to change your standard routine. Try and stick with it as much as possible, so when you get home you’re straight back into it without hesitation. There is nothing worse than coming home, then saying to yourself “I’ll just have a little sleep in and train tonight” then the night time comes around and you’re then saying “I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow”! Before you know it your routine is out the window long with your physical activity.

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