Why are we now Skyping our consultations?

Do you find yourself wanting to make an appointment but then realise the time you need for travel to/from the consultation plus the consultation itself means it just doesn’t work for you, your boss or family life? You might live too far away for a consultation or you may not be able to travel due to your health?
These are the main reasons that we have now introduced Skype sessions, to make it more convenient for you. There is no need to travel and it literally is only the time of the consultation! This gives you more time back in your day. wealth is health
How does it work? Simple, just register with Skype on either your computer or smart phone and connect with me leeanne.manderson (my skype name). Then we can make a Skype appointment. Once the appointment is set up and paid for (must be paid in advance) then I can video call you and the consultation begins, just like a standard face to face appointment.
Sounds easy right? Well, it is that easy! Give it a try today and gain some extra time back in your life, hopefully to exercise 🙂

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