“Baby On Board” – Where & When

“Baby On Board” understands that people are time poor and we have taken this into great consideration with our program. We have specifically designed “Baby On Board” sBOB Image 7o you can partake in your physical activity at any time and any place you wish! Therefore, it does not
matter where you live or what facilities you may have around you. You don’t need to be a member of a gym or have regular classes you attend, as we custom design the whole program to fit you and what you enjoy.

So how does this work with the consultations you may be wondering? If you are unable to attend our office, we can conduct your consultation via Skype. It’s just like sitting in our office only through the computer. Again, we are trying to make “Baby On Board” easier for you and your circumstances, as well as reducing travel time wherever possible.

For any inquiries about “Baby On Board” please contact us via email or call 0416 011 166