“Baby On Board” – Classes

Do you find it difficult working out on your own? Lack motivation? Unsure of your exercise techniques? Then you shouldBOB Image 7 add our classes into your “Baby On Board” package -this can be found on the Registration Form. It will provide you with that extra motivation and exercise supervision. This helps reduce the risk of any injuries, get you moving to your full potential as well as helping you achieve your goals for a healthy and fit body and / or pregnancy. All fitness levels are welcome and the exercise/s will be adjusted or modified to suit you and your current condition / fitness level.

Class location will be based in Ocean Reef, Perth WA to begin with. Once we have higher demand in other areas then we will look to run classes in those areas. Classes will be conducted in the mornings with a limit of 15 people per class. Babies are definitely welcome – they can be great to workout with and provide a good weight source! 20150715_132724

If you have a request, such as can we form our own class, then the answer is YES, absolutely! Mother’s groups may find they want to work out together and this is definitely encouraged. We just ask you have a minimum of 6 people to form your own private class.

Should you have any further questions about our “Baby On Board”Classes or the program itself, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone 0416 011 166.