Would you like to know how old you really are?

How old are you really?

Did you know that your lifestyle has a huge impact on your health, well-being and longevity? Not sure what we are talking about? Well we actually have two different ages, these being chronological – our ‘real’ age since we were born, and our biological – the age our body is. Our lifestyle habits have a massive influence on how our body ages, and whether we are causing any damage to vital organs.

For example: a client has a chronological age of 28 years, and with poor lifestyle habits ends up with a biological age of 42 years – an additional 14 years of biological aging! On the other hand, we have a 40 year old with great lifestyle habits, who has a biological age of 35 years, meaning their body is actually 5 years younger!

Extensive health assessments (which include metabolic, physical and behavioural evaluations) help us to determine your biological age. The assessments are between 30-45 minutes long, and you will also receive a comprehensive report to keep. However, it is recommended to make an extended appointment so that you can receive a personalised lifestyle plan, to help you reduce or maintain your biological age.

So – given the info above, would you like to know how to lengthen your biological age – or that of your family or friends? If so, Exofit are willing to implement these assessments for interested patients. E-mail or contact us today for more.