Why Does Our Health Come Last?

The question above often puzzles me! I always hear people say things lisometime for illnesske ‘I only went to the doctor because I was sick or I hurt myself’ or ‘I didn’t think it was that bad’. Your HEALTH IS EVERYTHING as it determines your quality of life, what you do and how you do it!

I’m not saying you need to go to your doctor each week or month, don’t get me wrong. However, why don’t people take a more proactive approach to their health?

For example, aim to participate in daily physical activity, and make sure you are eating nutritious foods. Get a blood test done once a year or every six months. Check your skin for any usual spots. Take your resting heart rate. Feel for any unusual lumps.

These are all preventive measures and small things that can keep us in tune with our body. You may have thought: ‘why is physical activity and nutrition important?’

There is a simple reason for that. Physical activity and nutrition help keep us healthy – by maintaining a healthy weight range, it makes our heart, lungs and circulatory system work in the best way possible, as well as keep our bones strong and our muscles working.

Blood tests are a great way of checking our vitamin and mineral levels as well as the functionwealth is health of vital organs. Skin checks are usually for visible signs of skin cancer and feeling for lumps is also checking for other possible cancers.

Taking our resting heart rate daily can also give us a good indication of fatigue, or provide a warning that you may be getting sick.

Also, by taking note of how you are feeling in general, you can be across any patterns or issues to raise with your Doctor when required.

If you want to take a more proactive role in your health, then make an appointment with Exofit Training Systems and we can teach you how!

Stay Fit and Healthy!



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