July Newsletter

Well it’s NEWSLETTER time again! We have a new 12 week challenge starting for our Curves ladies. However, if you’re not a Curves member but would like to do it, just speak with Lee. It’s a great way to get you ready for Summer!!

We also have health checks and fitness testing available at Exofit! So, there is something for everyone 🙂

Enjoy your reading!

Issue 2 0618 – Print V1

For those of you who might be interested here is a little information piece on our friend at Transitions Physiotherapy:
TransiTransition Physio logotions Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service based in the northern suburbs of Perth. We provide home-based physiotherapy for the management of stroke and neurological conditions, falls management and prevention as well as older adult rehabilitation.
Transitions Physiotherapy focuses on regaining wellness and independence for everyday living.
Neurological physiotherapists differ from other physiotherapists in that they have special knowledge about neurological conditions such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease and have physiotherapy experience specifically in these areas. Home-based physiotherapy allows for rehabilitation to be tailored to your living environment and gives greater confidence to practice exercises and tasks within the comfort of your own home.