Self- Care

From our lovely friend at Endeavour Counselling – Sue Etheridge

Who hasn’t heard of the need “self-care”?

But what does it actually mean?

Many of us are nurturers, making sure others are ok and getting their needs met.

But what about you?IMG_6403

I always think of the instructions from the flight crew on a plane:
‘The passenger should always fit his or her own mask before helping others’

This highlights the importance of caring for ourselves. If we do not care for ourselves, we cannot be there for others!

How do you care for yourself?

Do you get 7-8 hours’ sleep per night?

During the day, when there are countless jobs to be done (or it just feels that way) do you take a 15-minute break to just be?! Read the paper, have a coffee, tea, phone a friend.HC-picture-2.jpg self care

If struggling to cope, do you accept help if offered?

It is a sign of strength to ask for help, not weakness. When we refuse the support of another, we are denying that person the gift of giving!

What are your self-care strategies?