Sarah Taylor…This is YOUR life

So, ladies, I’m cracking into the minds of our trainers to bring you their deepest darkest secrets…No not really, just their life stories 🙂

Sarah Taylor……. THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

I grew up in rural Dorset in the UK in a rather artistic & eccentric family.

At 11, my sister & I were sent to a Russian ballet boarding school near Tunbridge Wells whilst my parents worked (& partied) in Nigeria & The Middle East. 

Moved to Stage School near London & studied ballet until I was 20, when I gave it all up to learn Graphic Design at Art College in Bournemouth. 

Worked as a Graphic Designer in Abu Dhabi & Singapore, & after meeting my husband spent ten years in Kuala Lumpur as an expatriate wife & Mummy to our son & daughter.

A brief stint back in the UK where I studied Interior Design brought us to Perth in 2006. My husband’s business was in Singapore, so we split our time between Singapore & Perth whilst the children were in secondary school.

After my husband passed away, my new focus was exercise and becoming a personal trainer. 

Years later, I  decided to expanded on my Interior Design with full house renovations and subdivisions, with my lovely new man.

I particularly enjoy coaching ladies in fun, age appropriate exercise to encourage strength, good posture, balance & flexibility as we age & apparently that should not include burpees 🙂 ha-ha!

Currently studying Yoga Teacher Training – life coming full circle – so if anyone fancies a class before breakfast let me know?!

Wow! That is such an interesting story Sarah, THANKYOU for sharing that with all of us.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Our trainers Life” 

Cheers for now, Viv.