Exercise Physiologists generally deal in the “Chronic” phase of disease, pain and/or injury. We use exercise as medicine and therefore we personalise all exercise &/or rehabilitation to one’s condition or injury. We also specialise in graded exercise therapy and lifestyle interventions for persons at risk of developing chronic conditions and injuries.

This is what we can help you with:

  • Speciality areas are Women’s Health, Spinal Injuries & Chronic Fatigue.
  • Back Pain, Arthritis – all forms, Diabetes, Cancer, Joint problems, Fatigue, Obesity, Women’s Health, Injuries plus more!
  • Help overcome persistent pain.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Control & preventive diabetes.
  • Improve recovery from cancer treatment.
  • Improve general health and well-being.



  • We hold a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Masters degree – Preventive Medicine.
  • Members of Exercise & Sports Science Australia.
  • Private, Medicare, DVA, WorkCover WA & NDIS Provider.


Quality Assurance and GP Referrals:

  • We give you back your QUALITY OF LIFE!
  • We get fantastic RESULTS!
  • We accept all Private, Medicare, DVA, WorkerCover WA & NDIS referrals.

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